Mulberry Leaf Product Questions Answered....

Mulberry Herbal Tea Answers

How may cups per tea bag or packet?

The tea bags come in amounts of 1.35 grams of tea in a bag or loose tea packet.   This is enough tea for 4 to 6 cups depending on the strength which is to your taste.   

What is the best temperature for brewing of Mulberry Tea?

We recommend to steep Mulberry Tea for 5 to 8 minutes at about 195° F ( 90° C ).

Can Mulberry Tea be made into iced tea?

Yes, use the same brewing process as for hot tea, chill and ice to your preference.    We would recommend to use loose tea packets.

What happens if my Mulberry Tea sits for a while and becomes cold?

The flavor of cold Mulberry Tea is the same as the hot tea.   Also, it does not age and become bitter as some teas do.   So, it can be drunk the next day if you prefer.

What happens if leave the tea bag in the cup long after it has finished brewing?

The flavor of Mulberry Tea will maintain the same sweet taste….It does not become bitter like most green teas.

Is Mulberry Tea a type of green tea?

No, Mulberry tea leaves are a different genus ( Morus alba ).    Green Tea leaves are of the genus (  Camellia sinensis   )    Mulberry Tea has many unique beneficial natural chemicals that green teas do not have.

Can I drink Mulberry Tea before bedtime?

 Our tea is very good as a nighttime calming tea in preparation for sleep.   It has no caffeine.    Note: all green teas have some caffeine.

What is the maximum Mulberry Tea recommended per day?

We recommend a maximum of 5 grams per day for optimum medicinal benefits.    However, if you are taking drugs for Diabetes or other medical issues, we recommend to consult with your doctor and develop a plan for use of Mulberry Tea as a natural drug alternative where it is possible and beneficial.

Can Mulberry Tea be used to treat constipation?

Yes, although there is little research data about this effect, it has been reported by many users with constipation to find relief using Mulberry tea in an everyday regimen. 

Mulberry Herbal Tablets Answers

When and how much should I take each day?

If your purpose is to lose weight or reduce your carbohydrate sugar load, then, taking with every meal is recommended.  It can be before, during or after each meal.  We would recommend one serving for each meal which can be 2 to 3 capsules.