Mulberry Fermented Leaf Tablets

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Our unique Organic Mulberry Tablets consist of 100% Fermented Mulberry Leaf for maximum effectiveness.   Tablets provide a convenient way to take Mulberry with each meal to lower blood sugar levels.   There is no caffeine and no Tannic Acid in our Mulberry leaf products.

Tablets: 90 per bottle

Serving Size: 3 Tablets

Servomgs Per Container: 30 Servings

Recommended Use:    3 Tablets taken with each meal

Mulberry Amount per Serving: 2,100 mg (2.1 grams)

Ingredients: 100% Mulberry Fermented Leaf (Morus Alba species)

All Natural Source

Our unique Organic Mulberry Products consist of 100% Fermented Mulberry Select Leaf for maximum effectiveness.  The Mulberry is grown all naturally without pesticides or fertilizers and with natural rainfall irrigation in the northeast mountains of China.  Our Mulberry is naturally select harvested and naturally fermented for best performance.  This Mulberry is available year round using our patented fermenting process.  Alternative Green Mulberry products are typically only available during the season.  

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